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Friends of Mt Leura – Friends Wanted!

If you want to get involved in looking after our reserves, then why not join the Friends of Mt Leura.

The Friends of Leura are a group of volunteers who help with many activities on the reserves including growing plants, collecting seed, weeding, planting, animal monitoring and track repairs.

The group holds regular community events, including working bees, guest speakers and the occasional trip and tour. These days are a great way to get involved and learn more about our reserves (and our BBQs aren’t half bad either!).

Membership to the Friends of Mt Leura is free and open to anyone. Members receive regular updates about projects and upcoming events on the reserves. To become a Friends of member, please use our contact form – click here.

For more info about the Friends of Mt Leura, contact Graham Arkinstall (President) on 0418 377 293 or email Friends of Mt Leura:

To get involved email Friends of Mt Leura: foml [@]