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Treasure hunts for the family Ahoy there!
Did you know that there is buried treasure on Mt Leura and Mt Sugarloaf?
You won’t need a treasure map or a shovel to find this treasure, but we will need a hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS).

There are a few ways to hunt for treasure:

1. Craters to Coast Discovery Trail…
Find all 5 hidden ´treasure´ sites between Port Campbell and Camperdown along the Craters to Coast Discovery Trail. Simply visit the Port Campbell Visitor Information Centre where they will give you a GPS and your instructions. Follow the directions on the GPS to find the hidden treasure and collect the secret codes along the way to unlock the treasure boxes. For more information contact Port Campbell Visitor Information Centre on 1300 137 255 or visit

2. Geo−caching Australia…
Geo-caching is a fancy name for a treasure hunt using a GPS. There are hidden ´geo−caches´ located all over the world, including on Mt Leura. To get involved, all you need to do is visit the geo−caching website, register, and then search by location to get the coordinates for the geo−caches. Then you just put the coordinates into your GPS and follow its directions to find geo−cache.

If you don´t have a hand−held GPS, you can contact the Mt Leura and Mt Sugarloaf Management Committee to borrow one.

The Management Committee has developed a further 10 geo-cache sites across the two reserves. Great potential for use by schools, scouts, community organisations, business groups, bush walking clubs and families as a great, fun out-door activity! We have GPS available for use. For further information please contact us.